Conceal Carry License Applicants

Rantoul Police Department will take and electronically submit the required fingerprints and photograph to the State. The Police Department will issue the applicant a Transaction Control Number (TCN) which you will need to retain and put on your application when you complete and submit it to the Illinois State Police. Once RPD sends the prints and picture, we are no longer involved in the application process and cannot answer questions about your application. If you have any questions or problems concerning your application you will need to contact the Illinois State Police Conceal Carry Section at (217) 782-7980 or visit their website.
The total charge for Conceal Carry fingerprinting is $60.00 which includes the ISP and FBI Fees. You will need to bring in cash or money order in the exact amount; we are not set up to make change. The police department will transfer the ISP and FBI fees to the State Police.

Fingerprinting Hours at the Rantoul Police Department are as follows :
  • Tuesday 11am-2pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-5pm
  • Thursday 12pm-2pm
You will need to bring a government issued picture ID card in order to be printed (Driver’s license or State issued photo ID card from the SOS office).
Rantoul police department does not currently set appointments for fingerprinting, it is done on a first come, first serve basis. There may be times when staffing is not available to do prints during the designated times due to unexpected high call volume, or other emergency incident. Once you are escorted to the live scan equipment room, it generally takes approximately 20min to complete the data entry, fingerprinting, and photo capture process.

  • To bring a Government issued picture ID card
  • $60.00 fee in the form of cash or money order; exact amount
  • Retain the Transaction Control Number (TCN) for your application
For more information on Illinois' Concealed Carry Law click here