prairie pines

Prairie Pines Campground

Prairie Pines Campground is a great place to get away without going far away. Located on 711 West Perimeter Road, less than two miles from the Forum Fitness Center, the Hap Parker Family Aquatic Center, and I-57, the campground is a great place for family fun and relaxation.

Campground Information

Prairie Pines Campground features 95 lots, each with hookups for water, sewage and electric. The campground is open year round with handicap accessible restroom, shower, and laundry facilities. Campground fees are $26.50 per day and $150 per week (from April to November), there is a two week limit.

Water, sewage and electric are included in the fees. There are hookups for water, sewage, and electric on all 95 lots. If you are staying from November to March, you can take advantage of off-season prices of $20 per day (however, no water is available from November to March).


Campground fees are $26.50 per day, and $150 per week (from April to October) and there is a two week limit. Off-season prices (from November to March) are $20 per day. Water is not available in the off season.


 You can now reserve your space on Reserve America.  Campground host, Linda Hogan, takes reservations at (217) 893-0438 from April 1 to November 1.