Neighborhood Organizations

Benefits of Becoming a Registered Organized Neighborhood Group

•  Problem solving assistance including:

  • Identification of affected neighborhood areas
  • Serving as a liaison to Village departments and Village Board members to keep them informed of neighborhood issues and activities.

•   Assistance with at least one event annually for the neighborhood group.

•   Receive dates and times of Village public hearings relevant to your neighborhood.

•   Receive dates for input on new Village programs and initiatives.

•   Receive information on special Village programs.

•   Opportunities for input on new development ideas for various neighborhoods, and the Village as a whole.

•   Eligibility for a Neighborhood Small Grant, for neighborhood projects ranging from neighborhood beautification to organization of a neighborhood block party to installation of ADA ramps at homes within the neighborhood that may need them, etc.

Call the Neighborhood Services Coordination Division today and get started - 892-6815.

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