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Human Resources

  1. Contact Us

    Use this form to contact the Village of Rantoul Human Resources Manager

  1. Resume E-mail

    Use this form to send your resume to the Village of Rantoul Human Resources Manager

Inspections, Planning & Zoning

  1. Consent Form for Rental Inspections

    This form is used to give your written consent to allow an inspection of your residence.

  2. Exemption Form for Owner Occupied Residence

    Homeowner resides here. Not a rental property.

  3. Online Payment Rental Property Registration Application

    In accordance with Ch.10, Section 10-410 of the Village of Rantoul Code ** Registration Year May 1, 2020 - April... More…

  4. Tenant Inspection Request Form
  1. Contact Us
  2. Nuisance Complaint Form

    THIS IS NOT A GENERAL COMPLAINT FORM. Please use this form to register a complaint about a property ONLY (i.e., trash, tall grass,... More…

  3. Rental Property Registration Application Non-Online Payments

    In accordance with Ch.10, Section 10-410 of the Village of Rantoul Code ** Registration Year May 1, 2017 - April... More…

  4. Vacant Residential Property Registration Form

Parks & Recreation

  1. Contact Us - Forum
  2. Summer Lunch Reservation Form

    This form will be used for free summer lunch reservations. Any child ages 2-17 living within the RCS or RTHS school district can... More…

  1. Contact Us - Recreation Director Luke Humphrey


  1. Contact Lt. Bouse
  2. Crime Tips

    Anonymous tips sent directly to Rantoul Police Staff

  3. Police Mailing List

    Questions related to the Police Officer job application process. Please sign up to be notified when we are testing for new officers.

  4. Rantoul Police Department Security Camera Registration

    Enter in your information and hit submit once finished. By using this form, you have acknowledged and agree to the terms and conditions... More…

  5. RTHS Tips

    Anonymous tips send directly to RTHS SRO

  6. Village of Rantoul Police Department Official Request for Public Records under the Freedom of Information Act

    Submit this form to officially request public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

  1. Contact Us
  2. Online Police Report Form

    The following form can be filled out in the event of the following: Theft of Property when there is no suspect information and the... More…

  3. Rantoul Police and Fire Commission
  4. RCS Tips

    Anonymous tips sent to the RCS SRO

  5. Vacation Watch Form

    If you are going on vacation submit this form and the Rantoul Police Department will monitor your residence or business.

Public Works

  1. Contact Us
  2. Cross-Connection Control Survey

    redirects to Cross-Connection Control Survey

  1. Cross Connection Control Survey

    Cross Connection is any situation that allows a potable (safe) water source and non-potable (contaminated) water source the opportunity... More…


  1. Contact Us
  1. Payment Agreement-1

    If a customer is needing to sign an agreement to extend out their past due balance to avoid disconnection, please fill out form below.... More…

Village Clerk

  1. Contact Us
  1. Public Participation Form - BY PHONE

    Public participation form used for those who wish to call in for the April 14, 2020 Board Meeting and/or Special Hearing.